INTERNATIONAL MOBILE PAYMENT SYSTEM is a concatenation of platforms (application modules) that seamlessly fit into your existing system and facilitates the carrying out of a wide range of financial operations from a wide range of devices and user interfaces. It offers intercommunication and interlinking hence unifying the different national and international payment system infrastructure for easy and secured interoperability, settlement and clearance. Mobile wallets and cashless financial operations, remittance (remittances sent home from overseas), E-payment service.

In here we have


Through our API integrate the following services into your system and provide upgraded services to your customers
• Visa and other card services.
• Branchless office: Your employees or partners can serve customers out of your office environment. Your partners can easily create their own cash points and serve customers away from your office.
• Self-service: Customers can do transaction completely from their private devices via an installed app. Make use of mobile banking through USSD Codes, Manage your bank account, transfer money, know your balance, get a mini statement with a few clicks from your mobile device
• Intercommunication: The various financial transaction platforms can communicate with each other creating a unified Financial market place or money transaction environment where customers can get served in spite of where their money/account is located
• Money transfer: Easily transfer money from one financial environment to the other with a few clicks.

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