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Bilingual Secretory

Internship | Part Time | 26 Avril, 2019 | Douala
CM MEDIA GROUP is in need of a bilingual Secretary to serve their corporate office. This individual will be working directly with the CEO or the company so the ability to speak, read, and write French...
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Temporary / Contract | Part Time | 4 Fév, 2019 | Douala
Achievements: To survey the market and channel potential clients to us. To sell our services. To develop a database of startups in Limbe, Buea or Douala.
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Agents Régionaux

Temporary / Contract | Part Time | 10 Jan, 2018 | Douala
organiser et cordonner une agence locale de la Bourse Africatransfret concernant la Bourse virtuelle et même la Bourse physique de Fret et De Transport. Relayer les innovations et les actions nouvelle...
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Nurses and health care professionals

Seasonal | Part Time | 19 Nov, 2017 | Limbe
We have just launched are training program highly skilled health professionals that is in short supply in our community. We are looking for volunteer health professionals who are willing to spend shor...
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Retired Doctors

Seasonal | Part Time | 19 Nov, 2017 | Limbe
Our Outreach program into local communities is in need of medical experts Doctors with skills in all specialties to assist in reaching the underserved population of our community.Using our clinic as a...
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